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Equipment & Skills

Learning circus skills is not only fun but educational as well! We have a large variety of different circus equipment that we use in our workshops and each one requires a variety of different skills. Learning circus skills can improve fitness, co-ordination as well as self-esteem and teamwork. This page shows some of the circus equipment we use in our circus skills workshops and also explains the benefits.

I have 40 sets of juggling balls, Scarves, Spinning Plates, Poi. Diabolos, Flower/Devil sticks plus

  • 4 Unicycles
  • 8 pairs of wooden stilts
  • 5 Pedal Gos
  • 2 Fun Wheels
  • 5 Bucket Stilts (pair)
  • 16 clubs
  • 5 rings
  • 3 Peg Stilts (Pair)(Childs)
  • 3 Manipulator Hats
  • 3 Cigar Boxes
  • 3 Lasso Ropes (basic)
  • 4 Mini / Clown bikes
  • 2 Didi Cars
  • 1 Penny Farthing (Medium)
  • 1 Tight Wire, 14 foot long!

Our Circus Equipment

Here's just some of our circus equipment...

The Diabolo

This ancient art is 5000 yrs old and is the second oldest juggling prop known to mankind. Using 2 sticks, one is held still while the other is moved up and down. Diabolo spins and works by gyro effect.

Plate Spinning

Plate spinning involves resting a specially made plate with a foot or lip (not a dinner plate!!) onto a stick and gradually working it round. Once used to that, speed up until the plate becomes level and then stop the stick - Hey Presto!!

The Unicycle

We only have one wheel? We teach this in 13 steps, very simply and safely. First stages are just to balance, then only pedal in ¼ turns, all assisted.

The Tight Wire

This involves great concentration and balance but with assistance is really easy. Holding your hands up very high and stopping on one foot to balance is the key.

The 4 Wheel Pedal

Fun for all, these Pedal Go's are tricky at first but great fun once mastered in minutes.

The Poi

Poi spinning, this aincient Maori art has turned from exercise for battle to easy dance and showmanship. These are great for special awareness and motor skills development.

With a huge and varied collection of equipment I can teach up to 40 people at once with each prop structured, or up to 100 people for Drop-In.

Benefits of learning Circus Skills

Just some of the many benefits that are gained through learning circus skills are:

  • Fun
  • General Fitness & Exercise
  • Enhanced motor skills
  • Stimulates all body functions
  • Improved hand/eye co-ordination
  • Improved Concentration
  • Boost self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Team working & social skills
Circus Skills Workshops for...
  • Nurseries & Pre-School
  • Schools - Keystages 1-4
  • After School & Youth Clubs
  • Brownies & Beavers
  • Festivals & Street Entertainment
  • Christmas Parties
  • Background Entertainment
Useful to know...
  • Member of Equity, follow Equity Code of Conduct
  • CRB checked
  • £10 Million Public Liability Insurance
  • First Aid At Work
  • Risk assessments carried out
  • Covering Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Dorset, Sussex & across the South Coast!

Hampshire based circus skills workshops for schools, nurseries, clubs and festivals.

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